Visiting Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the most photo famous spots in all of Croatia. Despite being on of the most loved places in the Balkans, the National Park is actually even better in real life than in the photos. If you find yourself in Croatia and you aren’t already planning on visiting Plitvice, then definitely add it to your itinerary. This helpful guide should provide you with all of the information you need to have an amazing trip!


Plitvice Lakes National Park is located in the far East of central Croatia. The surrounding area is made up of mostly farm land. Particularly, there are a lot of places that produce cheese and honey.

The National Park itself is comprised of a series of tiered lakes. The lakes are connected by a series of gorgeous waterfalls. To top it all off, the color of the lakes is the most unbelievable turquoise. While the park is not particularly large, the natural beauty packs a punch.

Getting There

The best way of getting to the Plitvice Lakes is by driving. The road is mostly new and there is ample parking.

There are a couple different parking lots for the park. Parking lot 1 is the staging area for the lower lakes. Parking lot 2 is the staging area for the upper lakes. If you have to choose only 1, try and get a spot in parking lot 1. If you are planning to spend the entire day in the park, then it really doesn’t matter since you can get to both sections in a full day.

The other way to get to the park is by taking a bus or a tour. It’s easy to reach from Zagrab, Zadar and Split. A one way bus ticket from Split costs 11 Euros and will take about 3 to 4 hours.


The admission cost varies depending on what time of year you visit. In the high season (roughly summer time) the price is 250 Kuna per person. That is approximately 40 US Dollars. In the low season the cost is 80 Kuna.

The pricing is more granular than just low season and high season. If you are looking for the cost for a specific date, you can check here.

Be sure to buy your tickets in advance. Especially in high season, the tickets can be sold out.


There are numerous trails throughout the park and they are all really well signed. As I mentioned earlier, there are two main sections of the park. There are the lower lakes and the upper lakes. From the lower lakes you can take trails A, B, C or K.

The other section is the upper lakes is where you can reach trails E, F, H and K. K is the longest of the letter trails and that is why it is accessible from both the upper and the lower lakes.

C is considered the best trail for a short visit. It includes 8 km of hiking around the lower and upper lakes. It also includes a boat ride and a bus ride.

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