Who is Elsbeth Weeks?

I will start off with a bombshell. My name is not actually Elsbeth, but that’s what I have gone by for as long as I can remember.

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, but my family frequently spent time at our cabin in South Western Michigan. Most of my fondest childhood memories involve running through the forest adjacent to our home. I remember feeling very deeply that the woods and the creek were full of magic. This period of my life instilled a very deep and lasting love for the outdoors.

Elsbeth Weeks

The summer before starting high school, I took a film photography class. I could not know it at the time, but that class would end up shaping the rest of my life.

I quickly fell in love with photography and took several more classes throughout high school.

I went to college for engineering, but from the beginning it did not feel right. I jumped around majors trying to find something I was passionate about. Finally, I took a computational photography class and everything clicked.

Since finishing school, I have worked on cameras at Apple and Google. I am currently working as an Imaging Architect for Facebooks ARVR initiative.

Even though I love my job, I still yearn for adventure. I currently live in San Francisco, but most weekends you won’t be able to find me. I spend most of my free time living out of my tent in the backcountry.

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